Plumbing isn't just about pipes, it's about the bathroom you love relaxing in, the radiators that keep your family warm and other fixtures and appliances you can't live without!

Building Services

HicksonScott provides a wide range of plumbing and building services through its network of qualified professionals. Listed below are some common jobs we handle alongside the trades we work with:


  • Bathroom Installations
  • En-suite Installations
  • Care bathrooms
  • Shower Installations
  • Kitchen installations
  • Electrical installations
  • Carpentry
  • Building works/extensions
  • Decorating
  • Plastering
  • Electrics
  • Plumbing
  • Gas engineer


Your day begins and ends in the bathroom, so it's important to have a room that suits your lifestyle. Whether you want an ultra modern, cosy cottage or luxurious bathroom we can help you optimise your space and create the atmosphere you desire.

We offer free quotations and have an experienced team that provides a complete supply and installation service. This includes providing all bathroom products and carrying out the fitting work, including tiling, plastering decorating and electrical work, to give you a finished bathroom.

We take great care and pride in providing our customers with their dream bathroom, as one customer said:

"I'm more of a quick shower, get-out and go person, whereas my wife likes to spend hours relaxing in the bath. We needed a functional yet stylish bathroom that met both our needs. I was extremely impressed with the advice I received from HicksonScott on possible designs that would work for us. HicksonScott delivered on their promise of a fast, affordable and efficient installation. Now I can't get my wife out of the bathroom, although I must admit I'm spending longer in there myself."

Sean Connor, Milton Keynes


HicksonScott works in association with the countries leading providers of kitchens, including Howdens, Magnet, B&Q and Buildbase. Once you have your kitchen chosen and designed, we will handle all aspects of getting you the best price and installation. We can also look after all your building and renovation requirements.

We have years of experiencing installing all styles of kitchen from the most traditional to the contemporary. We pride ourselves on our accuracy and attention to detail, ensuring you get the kitchen of your dreams. We will take care of everything, including dismantling and removing your existing kitchen where necessary. Our qualified team of installers will carry out a top class job quickly and with the minimum possible disruption to your daily lives.

Our work comes with our usual guarantees and we provide all the required compliance certificates once the project is completed. Labour guarantee of 2 years.


En-suite Conversions

No matter what type of en-suite you are looking for, HicksonScott can help you optimise space to provide you with the convenience of your own personal en-suite.

HicksonScott can install a wide range of bathrooms and showers to fit into your master bedroom. We can also help you fit a cloakroom suite (Toilet, Hand Basin) into areas that were previously only used for storage such as cupboard area, beneath the stairs, even a wardrobe.

Here are some sample en-suite designs:


Central Heating

Heating your home is extremely important for warmth, comfort, health and well-being. HicksonScott are experts in installing and maintaining all domestic and commercial heating systems.

HicksonScott Registered Plumbing Engineers work closely with trusted Gas safe qualified service engineers, we are happy to support a wide range of heating services from central heating, room heaters, underfloor heating to hot water systems or upgrading existing systems.

In the meantime, we have provided the following guidelines to help you inspect your heating system and identify potential problems:


To check radiators on your central heating system follow the four simple steps below:

  • While your central heating system is cool (we don't want you to burn your fingers!) check that all radiators are securely fixed to the wall. Radiators should not move as any movement could be harmful to the adjoining pipework
  • Visually check radiator for signs of leaks. Check for corrosion and scale build-up on the radiator and/or around nuts and pipework
  • Switch on central heating system, ensure your central heating system is switched on for at least 45minutes and radiator valves are set to max
  • Touch every radiator at the top and bottom checking for heat distribution. Checking for the following heat patterns:
    • Even heat across whole surface: Radiator working efficiently
    • Top cold, bottom hot: Air in radiator. Radiator requires bleeding
    • Top hot, bottom cold: Sludge has built up in bottom of Radiator. Radiator requires Power Flushing or replacing.
    • Whole radiator cold: Check Thermostatic Radiator valve is set to max. Valve may be faulty or your central heating system may require balancing.

Noisy pipework

Creaks, knocks and vibrations are common problems with faulty central heating systems. These noises are not just irritations they are indications that pipes may need securing and/or central heating components are worn and potentially require replacing.

Noise Problem Solution
Pipes knocking Unsecured pipes
Air entering system
Secure pipes
Find leak
Pipe vibration Pump speed set too fast
Air moving
Reduce speed setting
Bleed radiators
Rust/Scale If there are any visible signs of rust or scale on any part of the system something is wrong. Rust and/or scale marks on pipework means there is a leak.

Leaks in central heating system

There are many different reasons why air and fresh water get into a central heating system from loose nuts to badly designed systems, but this needs to be identified to prevent corrosion and reducing the efficiency and lifespan of the system.

Air: You'll know if air is entering the system because the radiators will need bleeding to remove the air on a frequent basis. You may even hear your pipework making gurgling noises.

Fresh water: It is difficult to identify whether fresh water is entering a central heating system however for the more practically minded you can test a sample of the water within the central heating system to check the level of corrosion:

  • Place a sample of the water in a clean jar and insert a new shiny iron/steel nail before replacing the jar lid
  • Remember not to use a galvanised nail or the test won't work
  • Leave the jar for at least one week
  • If the water has turned orange and the nail is rusty, the water has too much oxygen and will be corroding your system in the same way.

While it may be possible for you to identify these basic problems, it is usually the job of a professional plumber to put it right safely and in adherence with British Building Regulations.

Contact us if you have any concerns about the health and efficiency of your central heating system.

Power Flushing

HicksonScott provides plumbers that are trained and qualified in Power Flushing - a process that cleanses your heating system at a high velocity and low pressure. The aim of Power Flushing is to restore your central heating to its optimum performance by removing any debris that has accumulated within the system. Many systems contain corrosion and sludge even if there are no visible flow problems.

  • Power Flushing dislodges and mobilises deposits and corrosion which cannot be removed using traditional system cleaning methods
  • Fresh clean water is then forced through the heating system, pushing the contaminated water out to waste
  • When the flushing process is finished, the system contains fresh clean water and the system will be operational within only a few minutes.

At HicksonScott we use Kamco power flushing equipment and Kamco chemicals. All our staff have been trained and credited with a Kamco power flushing certificate.

For further information on Kamco please follow the Kamco link.

Plumbing Maintenance

Plumbing isn't just about pipes, it's about the bathroom you love relaxing in, the radiators that keep your family warm in long winters and other fixtures and appliances you can't live without! So when you have a plumbing problem it's not surprising you get frustrated if you don't find a fast, reliable solution.

HicksonScott love fixing your plumbing problems. We have a team of specialists available to fix any plumbing problem, including:

  • Burst or frozen pipes
  • Warn-out tap washers
  • Seized radiator valves and stopcocks
  • Clogged drains
  • Leaking overflows

Severe damage caused by flooding, for example, will need the services of a local builder as well as specialist trades such as plasterers, carpenters, electricians, and plumbers. Why waste time and effort searching for the relevant tradesmen when HicksonScott can organise and manage the whole project for you.

In many cases damage can be avoided with routine maintenance and assistance from a qualified plumber. We encourage our valued customers to have a regular service to prevent many plumbing problems.